Marriage Tips

Beautiful business woman with idea light bulb above hand isolateSmall & Meaningful Things You Can Do For A Better Marriage

Spend five UNINTERRUPTED minutes each day talking with your partner about something other than kids, work, or to-dos.

Allot time on the weekend for some fun together. Going one step further— try doing something you haven’t done before.

Do your best to not turn molehills into mountains. Learn to let unimportant things go.

Know that complaining, as tempting as it is, doesn’t solve problems. Try being creative and proactive in your solution seeking.

Apologize when appropriate.

Accept apologies gracefully.

• Question your assumptions, especially about your partner’s motives.

• Recognize that when one of you wins and the other loses, you both lose.

• Rather than criticize or complain, make a request.

• Flirt like you did when you were dating.

• Acknowledge your partner’s earnest efforts to change.

• Choose kindness.

• When things go off course, pause, take a breath and approach your conflict from a steadier place.

• Focus your attention on your contribution to your relationship difficulties rather than your partner’s contribution.

• Turn off your cell phones and other electronic toys after 9 p.m.

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7 thoughts on “Marriage Tips

  1. Hi Janet

    I like them all, but one thing that couples forget is to talk about them, always we talk about kids, but what about us?

    “UNINTERRUPTED minutes each day talking with your partner about something other than kids, work or to-dos.”

    good post.

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